In 8 visits I believe I spent a total of under 3 minutes in your waiting room. I was in and out on schedule every time, which was important for the rest of my day. At the same time, the therapy time was so calm and professional that I felt I could relax and focus fully on my therapy. Could you please pass on your office protocols to other medical practices? Thanks for a good experience!


All Western Berks Physical Therapy Staff are the BEST!!! I have been a patient at WBPT several times over the course of the past 15 years. Most sessions were for radiculopathy as a result of lumbosacral disc degeneration. From the first session to the present, your entire staff has been exceptional. Ashley Shirk did most of the assessments and was never too busy to give me feedback. Dr. Deb McKim and Sharon George and I had healthy informational dialogue and during Sharon’s investigatory massage found other problem points that helped in the therapy process. Amy, the intern, was a great student and her massages were the best. Sue Frantz and Kim (Uni Pham) were always very helpful and available. Tammy, the first person you ever meet at the front desk at the Wyomissing office, plotted my schedule without any problems. Your entire staff was always knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and always without an attitude, no matter how busy. As I said in the beginning, the Western Berks Physical Therapy Staff are the best!


This is by far the BEST place I’ve been for Physical Therapy! It is one of the most welcoming places. All of the staff is attentive and helpful in every possible way! This is the first place that I’ve completed therapy and I can actually say I MISS the staff! I would never go anywhere else for physical therapy!


All staff members were very nice and helpful to me and made therapy fun.


My time spent with WBPT was VERY beneficial. I am functioning SO much better, with less medicines, too! Thank you very much!!!


It was wonderful. Professional with a “home” atmosphere.


Your staff is wonderful. I have more motion in my shoulder than the doctor ever thought I would get back!


PT really helped my sciatic nerve problem. Good work!


Staff at Western Berks are GREAT! Courteous and knowledgeable and their main goal is to correct YOUR problem


Great place! Whenever I need therapy, I come here. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they really listen to you.Professional care and conduct throughout appointments.


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