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Back Pain Treatment

Physical Therapy: The Lowest Cost Back Pain Treatment Option Chances are, you or someone you know has had back pain. Over the course of our lives, 80% of us will have an episode of back pain. Even though back pain is common, many people struggle to find the right back pain treatment for them. Stories […]

Reoccurring Back Pain: What Causes It?

Reoccurring Back Pain: What Causes It? After the common cold, the most reported reason Americans miss work is back pain. Unfortunately, once you have experienced a back strain or injury, it can easily turn into a recurring back pain problem. Many cases of back pain are due to the way we live. Unless you implement […]

Lumbar Disc Removal Pain – Why Does My Back Still Hurt?

Why Does My Back Still Hurt After Lumbar Disc Removal? First, ask yourself if the discectomy was performed to alleviate leg pain or lower back pain. While you can expect good results from lumbar disc removal when the goal is relieving leg pain, generally lumbar disc removal is less successful at relieving lower back pain, […]