Western Berks Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of orthopedic related injuries, surgeries, and the pain and disability stemming from dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. Our clinicians have extensive training and years of clinical experience in understanding, evaluating, and treating complex orthopedic problems, truly finding the root of the problem. They can set up a comprehensive treatment plan to eliminate symptoms and prevent further recurrence.Treatment scope includes (but is not limited to):

PREHAB – This includes ‘preparing for surgery’. Pre-surgical crutch and walker training is performed. Preparatory exercise instruction and patient education is provided to condition the body for upcoming trauma.

REHAB – Rehabilitation from surgery includes post-acute therapy for total joint reconstruction, spinal surgery, and outpatient surgeries following injuries involving shoulders, knees and hips, along with other joints.

SPORTS INJURIES/SPORTS PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT – Specific to sports, rehabilitation occurs for that body part and the related areas that complement the motions related to that area or activity. Sports performance enhancement is just another way to improve your game.

MANUAL THERAPY – Manual therapy is considered the most effective approach to treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, including pain and disability. It is a clinical approach using skilled, specific, hands-on myofacial techniques to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT – Therapy can include rehab for whiplash or any other accident related trauma. All motor vehicle insurances can be processed at our office so there is no delay in pain relief and injury rehab.

REPETITIVE WORK STRAIN/WORK INJURY – Western Berks Physical Therapy is happy to participate with all Employer’s Worker Compensation Panels. Simply list us as your therapy source. On-site visits can be made for repetitive work injury evaluations, injury prevention and wellness education. Your employee is a valued resource for your company. Caring for them is our priority.

FIBROMYALGIA – Manual therapy is highly recommended for fibromyalgia treatment. Specializing in hands on techniques, this chronic condition can be combatted to provide pain relief.

GAIT ABNORMALITIES – Whether you are a toddler learning to walk, a stroke patient relearning to walk, or suffering from an injury or fall that has your gait off-kilter, Western Berks Physical Therapy can get you on the road to recovery.

PODIATRIC FOOT PROBLEMS – There are a variety of stretches and modalities that can be utilized to cure many common foot problems including plantar fasciitis. Relief is on its way!

OTHER CONDITIONS – Postural syndromes, Bell’s Palsy, head/neck ache and migraine management, and TMJ are just a few of the other conditions we are skilled at resolving through outpatient physical therapy care.

Contact our facility today and find out how our physical therapy services can help you recover. We proudly serve residents in Robesonia, Wyomissing, Laureldale and the surrounding areas.​