Nurturing your body can have lifelong benefits. A regularly scheduled massage allows you to appreciate your body and establish a “connection” with it again. Physical, mental, and spiritual patterns can be released and restored through massage. Massage encourages awareness of your body that you may not have known before, as in the case of pain relief, healing, and total relaxation. A nurturing feeling is gained and it becomes quite powerful when connecting with a positive image. The non-judgmental touch of a trained massage therapist allows you to appreciate and respect your own body.

Our Massage Services include: full body massage, foot reflexology, hot stone therapy, pre-natal massage, deep tissue massage, sinus/migraine relief, facial massage, aromatherapy, senior citizen massage, and body scrubs. Enhancement services include: dry brushing, relaxing scalp treatment, hand/foot treatment, hot stone chasers.

Touch is an extremely powerful ally when dealing with physical and mental health. It can help provide “wholeness” and wellness that is often lost throughout life.

Valuable benefits of touch include:

  • Alleviates lower back pain and improves range of motion
  • Decreases your need for medications
  • Eases your anxiety and depression
  • Stimulates lymph flow for immunity enhancement
  • Gets weak or tight muscles moving, increases flexibility, increases circulation through tissues and organs
  • Provides relaxation and reconnection with self

Maintain these feelings with regularly scheduled massages.

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