Western Berks Physical Therapy: Adapting to Keep Clinics Safe


Updated September 21st, 2020: Western Berks Physical Therapy clinics are open and serving patients at all office locations. Prior to COVID-19, physical therapy clinics were busy places with lots of people coming and going. However, just like many other businesses, Western Berks Physical Therapy has made changes to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 among their staff and patient populations, while continuing to deliver needed services to the public.

Remember, physical therapists are medical professionals who were trained to deal with infectious diseases and keep people safe long before COVID-19 existed. Don’t let concerns over COVID-19 keep you in pain or from the treatment you need! You’re in good hands with Western Berks Physical Therapy.


  • Scheduled patients and staff are the only people allowed to enter clinics at this time.
  • Visitors or caregivers should wait in their cars if dropping off or picking up patients.
  • Upon arrival, patients will be screened for COVID-19 exposure, instructed to wash their hands and taken immediately back into a sterilized treatment location.
  • No food, drinks or personal items are allowed in clinics at this time. Cellphones must be put away.
  • Upon completion of treatment, patients will be instructed to wash their hands and immediately leave the clinic.
  • Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or exposed to COVID-19, should cancel their appointment immediately and speak with their doctor.


Western Berks Physical Therapy offers Telerehab to patients across the entire state of Pennsylvania. Telerehab offers physical therapy treatments in a virtual setting, delivered via video or phone wherever you are. Through remote patient monitoring, our experienced clinicians help patients relieve pain, improve movement and restore function, all from the comfort of home.

TeleRehab Services include:

  • Initial Evaluation & Functional Assessment
  • Remote exercise demonstrations and supervision
  • Body mechanic optimization to reduce physical strain and prevent future injuries
  • Online access to our patient portal for home exercise plans and videos available anytime

Does insurance cover physical therapy and TeleRehab?

TeleRehab is covered under Medicare and most insurances! Please call, 610-589-2263 to verify your insurance coverage and schedule an appointment.