Post-Covid Free Screen

By on March 26th, 2021

Free Screens for Patients With a Prior Diagnosis of COVID-19   Did you have COVID and now can’t seem to shake the weakness, fatigue or mental fog? Physical therapy is an integral part of the recovery from COVID. Our therapists are highly skilled in treating fatigue and other post-COVID related symptoms. We can help by […]

Golf Warm Up Routine

By on March 22nd, 2021

Golf Warm Up Routine to Improve Your Golf Game We’ve all heard that a proper warm up is important before exercise, and that skipping it can lead to injury. As physical therapists, one of the more common places we see people skipping a warm up routine or doing it improperly is at the golf course. […]

Walking for Good Health and Powerful Health Benefits

By on March 15th, 2021

Walking: Easy Exercise for Good Health Most people know that physical therapists often recommend exercise as part of their treatment. What most people don’t realize is how simple that exercise can be. Instead of complicated workouts, heavy weightlifting, or running for miles, physical therapists often surprise people when they recommend walking for good health. While […]

Young Athletes: Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep

By on March 1st, 2021

Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep for Young Athletes Most people understand that nutrition and exercise are important parts of health. Growing research is showing that sleep deserves a spot along with them when we think of healthy lifestyle choices. The importance of these three pillars of health is difficult to overstate. The World Health Organization estimated […]