Cold Weather Body Pains: Causes and Relief

By Western Berks Physical Therapy on January 13th, 2021

Cold Weather Body Pains

Cold Weather Body Pains

When the temperature drops and the body is exposed to cold, most people’s inclination is to hunch, cross their arms or wrap in a blanket to keep warm. This response is due in part to our muscles reacting to the cold – the muscles tighten, contract, and become more rigid. Cold weather can cause body pains such as soreness and aches simply due to those prolonged muscle contractions. You might not be intentionally flexing, but your muscle reacting to the cold is doing just that.

A common method of managing body soreness in the winter is by creating heat in your body. Being active to keep your body moving indoors or outdoors will certainly help. Things like jumping rope indoors, dancing, or doing a series of dynamic stretches can really warm you up quickly.

A good warm up is always important prior to exercise or activity but it’s even more important that you warm up correctly during cold weather months. This is because of the tendency for joints to be stiffer, and blood flow to muscles to be reduced in the cold. Your physical therapist can help teach you proper warm up exercises that fit into your daily life to prevent aches and pains.

During the winter, physical therapists often treat injuries related to the cold, like those who slip and fall on ice or hurt themselves while shoveling. However, there are many ways we help patients alleviate common aches and pains from the cold as well. Pain varies for everyone but a customized treatment plan can be put in place by your physical therapist to help you manage and relieve body pain and other symptoms caused by cold weather.

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