Cold Weather Arthritis Pain: Causes and Relief Options

By Western Berks Physical Therapy on December 28th, 2020

Cold Weather Arthritis Pain

Cold Weather Arthritis Pain: Causes and Relief Options

Stiffness, aches and pains are often associated with changes in weather, especially the cold temperatures of winter. There is no one explanation for why dropping temperatures and cold weather cause arthritis pain and affect your joints. One theory is that drops in barometric pressure cause the tendons, muscles and surrounding tissues to expand. This causes pain, especially in joints affected by arthritis. Everyone’s body reacts differently to the cold, but people with arthritis and those with chronic pain are more vulnerable to feeling discomfort.

Additionally, bad weather can affect people’s moods. If you are sad or depressed, the perception of pain can be magnified. Staying active in the winter can keep your muscles, joints and mind healthy. Get up, walk around and focus on being active indoors or outdoors whenever you are feeling a twinge of the winter blues coming on. To loosen stiff joints, stretch before going outside or engaging in physical activity.

During the winter, physical therapists often treat injuries related to the cold, like those who slip and fall on ice or hurt themselves while shoveling. However, there are many ways we help patients alleviate common aches and pains from the cold as well. Pain varies for everyone, so a specific seasonal plan can be put in place by your physical therapist to help you manage year-round depending on how severe you experience weather changes.

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