Injury Free Labor Day: Tips to Prevent Injuries

By Western Berks Physical Therapy on August 30th, 2019

Labor Day Cook Out

Injury Free Labor Day

Labor Day is synonymous with the end of summer, and the long holiday weekend is upon us. Whether you’re planning a final summer outing or staying home to wrap up summer chores, we want you and your family to enjoy this weekend safely. For an injury free labor day, keep these tips in mind to help prevent an injury. 

  1. Drive Safe

Nearly 400 deaths result from motor vehicle collisions over Labor Day Weekend. If you’re planning a weekend excursion make sure you’re well rested and plan for frequent rest stops. Just like a checkup with your doctor or physical therapist, you should also have your car checked by a registered mechanic to avoid a break down on the road.

  1. Alcohol in Moderation

Drinking impacts your decision making,coordination, reaction time and vision which makes you vulnerable to a number of hazards. If you plan on consuming alcohol, set a limit on how much you will consume. Drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks to help keep hydrated.

  1. Remember to Stretch

Lots of us look forward to relaxing on Labor Day weekend, but if you’re tackling outdoor chores or heading out on a vigorous hike, make sure to do a mix of both static and dynamic stretches to help loosen the muscles and prepare them for the day’s activities ahead.

  1. Hydration and Sun Protection

Always hydrate with water instead of sugary sodas or juices. If you’re hosting a party, set out a few tubs full of bottled water and encourage your guests to drink. It may be the end of summer, but the sun is still raging. Apply sunscreen before you head out in the sun and reapply as necessary. Remember that the elderly and the young have especially sensitive skin and don’t forget that some medications can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

Whether you’re splashing in a pool, enjoying the ultimate picnic or knocking out those household chores, we want you to stay safe this Labor Day weekend.

Remember: An accident is never planned, but keeping these tips in mind may help prevent one. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!