The Best Time of Day for Exercising

By MarieNelson on May 20th, 2019

Research has consistently shown that exercise produces a number of benefits, ranging from improved mood to better strength and cardiovascular health. But, what time of day is the best for exercising?

Some people find that a morning workout fits into their schedule and keeps them energized for the rest of the day. Others prefer working out in the afternoon or evening, when they find it helps reduce stress and tension after a long workday. Ultimately, fitting exercise into your day is the top priority, regardless of the time you choose to do it.

There are a number of components for a healthy, balanced exercise routine. A good place to start is to define the goals you hope to achieve through exercise. These goals might relate to improving the

function of a specific area of the body after injury or illness. Other goals include weight loss, increased strength, better fitness for sports or improved heart health.

Rather than trying to sort through all of the information, and misinformation, available about exercise, contact Western Berks Physical Therapy today. Share your health goals and concerns with your physical therapist so they can formulate a fitness plan you can perform at the time of day best suited to your schedule and needs! With exercise providing significant benefits, the most important thing is simply to get moving, whatever time of day you choose to work out! Thirty or more minutes a day of exercise will encourage a strong, healthy body and improved well-being.



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