9 Questions to Ask Your Physical Therapist

By Western Berks on April 25th, 2018

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9 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Physical Therapy Provider for You

We have created a quick question checklist below to ensure you are making the right choice when searching for the right physical therapy provider!

  1. Is the physical therapy provider conveniently located?
    • Most treatment plans call for 2-3 visits per week depending on your plan of care. Make sure that the office you select is convenient for you to visit multiple times per week.
  2. Do they have appointment hours that fit around my schedule?
    • You have a busy life outside of therapy, so make sure that the appointment hours the clinic has works around your schedule. Many clinics, usually private practice facilities, offer evening hours.
  3. Does the provider accept my insurance?
    • Therapy can be costly without insurance so make sure that the clinic accepts your insurance or offers a self-pay option.
  4. What if I am in intense pain, is the provider Direct Access licensed so that they can see me right away without a prescription?
  5. Do they offer free consultations to see if therapy is the right choice for me?
  6. What are the provider’s therapy techniques?
    • We suggest finding a provider who is highly skilled in manual therapy and that uses manual techniques aimed at relaxing tense muscles and restricted joints in order to decrease pain and increase flexibility.
  7. Does the physical therapist specialize in the type of treatment I need?
  8. How many patients does each physical therapist see at each time?
    • Some physical therapists will treat one on one while others may treat two or three patients at one time. Individualized attention is important to effective physical therapy so be sure to inquire about this.
  9. Will I see the same physical therapist for each appointment, or will I be assigned a different therapist each time?
    • Scheduling with the same physical therapist for each appointment can help you develop a good relationship that may help your therapy outcome. On the other hand, scheduling your appointments with the first available therapist may be helpful to accommodate your busy schedule.

Make the most out of your physical therapy treatment and receive the best possible care by doing your homework on which provider is right for you! If you are new to physical therapy, these easy, quick questions will make sure that you are in the right hands!

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