Getting to the Root of Headaches

By Western Berks on March 14th, 2018

Relieve Your Headaches with Physical Therapy

Headache pain can vary from being a slight annoyance to completely debilitating. Many headaches stem from poor body posture and position. Poor posture can put stress on the cervical spine which houses delicate nerves that can become inflamed. By examining the body and paying close attention to symptoms, our skilled physical therapists can develop a plan of care to lessen and alleviate your headaches. Avoid adding an additional medication and choose Western Berks Physical Therapy for non-surgical treatment for facial or headache pain. Using manual techniques we will improve the motion of the neck, which reduces stress and strain. Your therapist will also create a customized home exercise routine to improve muscle strength and posture. If you suffer from headaches and want relief now, visit us online at to learn more and schedule an appointment.