Reoccurring Back Pain: What Causes It?

By Western Berks on March 5th, 2018

Reoccurring Back Pain

Reoccurring Back Pain: What Causes It?

After the common cold, the most reported reason Americans miss work is back pain. Unfortunately, once you have experienced a back strain or injury, it can easily turn into a recurring back pain problem.

Many cases of back pain are due to the way we live. Unless you implement lifestyle changes, those same muscles and ligaments that were initially injured keep repeating the same patterns, never allowing them to properly heal or be protected. Even worse, a recent study discovered that our natural inclination to avoid using sore or damaged muscles causes us to “compensate,” using inappropriate muscle groups in ways that normally produce pain. That’s why physical therapy is so important for back injuries and reoccurring back pain episodes.

Since shortened, weak or inflexible muscles are often responsible for causing back injuries in the first place, physical therapy focuses on increasing flexibility, balance and strength in the spine, and its surrounding muscles (especially the core, trunk, and the quadriceps).

Beware: designing a physical fitness program yourself can do more harm than good. By going too far, too fast, you can actually create more back strain. Leave it to the experts! Schedule your back evaluation today!

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