Running Injury in Wyomissing: When to Seek Help

By Western Berks on March 21st, 2016

It is one of your worst fears, you are running or doing another type of exercise in Wyomissing and you hear a pop or it feels like something jumped up and bit you. You have just injured yourself. Now, it could be something minor, a pain that will be easily treated with ice and heat and disappear in a few days, or it could be the type of injury that requires a physical therapist. The problem is you don’t know the extent of the injury. Here are signs that you might need to seek physical therapy for your running injury at our Wyomissing office location.

If the pain from the injury lingers even after three or four days of rest and icing, it could be a sign you need to seek an orthopedic specialist. The best thing you can for an injury is to give yourself a few days off, if there is no improvement, then you should consider giving your doctor a call.

Often, the pain goes away when you are at rest or have ice on an injury. But with more serious injuries, symptoms may linger or come back repeatedly until the underlying injury is addressed.

Some injuries are quite easy to notice as they occur during a traumatic event. But sometimes, even a simple ankle twist can result in a serious injury, you just may not know it at the time. If you are concerned about an injury, you should have it checked out by a professional.

If you find yourself downing aspirin or ibuprofen throughout the day, something is certainly not right.

If you wonder if you need physical therapy for an injury, our Wyomissing office is conveniently located at 1405 Penn Ave in Wyomissing. We offer free consultations to see if physical therapy is right for you and offer same day appointments for those experiencing running or sports injuries!

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