Preparing for Upcoming Surgery: Let Us Help

By Western Berks on March 21st, 2016

Regardless of how “minor” of a surgery you are preparing for, no surgery ever feels as if it is a minor procedure. Any surgery, no matter what is being done, proves to be an extremely intense situation for your body. It is an invasive procedure that causes some trauma. While it may seem as if you can never really be prepared for an upcoming surgery, Western Berks Physical Therapy offers a prehab program to patients that is designed to help prepare them for their approaching surgery.

We are all aware that nearly every surgery requires some type of rehabilitation process. Physical therapy is designed to help our bodies recover from some sort of trauma. It is designed to help us restore our bodies to their healthy states after an injury or surgical procedure. Much like rehabilitation or physical therapy, our prehab program is designed to help your body recover. However, the idea behind this program is to get a jump start on the rehabilitation process by preparing your body for the upcoming trauma. Our specialists will help prepare you for everything, from crutch and walker training to preparatory exercise instruction, all of which is tailored to help you prepare mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. We believe, if we can help get you ready for your upcoming surgery, that you will experience a much smoother recovery process.

Preparing for upcoming surgery at Western Berks Physical Therapy allows patients to overcome challenges that come with traumatic injuries and surgeries. Our specialists will set up a treatment plan that will help restore your body, as well as help prevent further injuries. Request your appointment today.

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