Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Repetitive Work Injuries

By Western Berks on March 21st, 2016

We are nearing the end of another long year.  With so many different demands from your professional life, you might have started to notice certain pains or stresses that were not there earlier in the year.  These types of pains are easy to ignore especially if they are not always prominent or if they are difficult to pinpoint.  However, after some time these small pains become more noticeable and in turn, more painful.  If you are experiencing any kind of pain that is the result of a repetitive work strain, physical therapy can help!  Physical therapy can help alleviate the pain and prevent future recurrence.

Our physical therapy clinicians specialize in the treatment of orthopedic problems.  They have years of experience understanding and treating a multitude of orthopedic complications.  By nature, orthopedic problems can be very complex and are not fixed after one treatment.  Our clinicians will evaluate the problem and work to get to the root cause of it so as to help eliminate the symptoms as well as any possibility of recurrence.  Western Berks Physical Therapy is also more than willing to participate in all Employer’s Worker Compensation Panels.  We are also happy to perform onsite visits and evaluations for repetitive work injuries or strains.

Repetitive work injuries or strains are not something to ignore!  If left untreated, they can progress and worsen and may eventually require surgery.  Start the new year off feeling revitalized and pain free!  Do not wait to ask us more about how physical therapy can help treat your injuries and strains.