Gifts for Fitness Friends: Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

By Western Berks on March 21st, 2016

The holidays are quickly approaching and purchasing gifts for fitness friends can be easy. Follow our Holiday Fitness Gift Guide below to select the right gifts for your fitness friends!

If you are considering buying gifts for the fitness-minded friend or relatives and they already belong to a health club they enjoy, you could extend the membership for as long as your budget allows. Depending on how well you know both parties, an introductory session with a personal trainer may be in order.

For those who play specific sports, consider standard equipment or apparel. For the adventurous ones on your gift list, consider a sample lesson for an offbeat activity: trapeze, rock-climbing, even skydiving. If your friend wants to start eating healthier to increase overall fitness level, he or she might appreciate a gift card to an organic food store or supermarket.

Or you can give the gift of reading. A book or a subscription to a magazine related to your friend’s favorite fitness activity—or a biography of an inspirational sports figure—might be appropriate. If you enjoy a certain fitness DVD, give a copy of that. For their further relaxation, give gift certificates to a reputable licensed massage therapist.

Because practically everyone enjoys working out to music, the gift of a new iPod, wireless MP3 headset or similar device is an almost guaranteed hit. But if that is not within your budget, substitute a gift card that allows the recipient to download an array of new songs to listen while biking, punching, dancing, walking or jogging.

More gift ideas

The American Council on Exercise has some further suggestions:

  • resistance exercise bands
  • a stability board
  • a set of free weights or adjustable dumbbells
  • a high-quality jump rope
  • a heart-rate monitor 

Many of the above suggestions are not limited to friends or relatives who already work out or play sports on a regular basis. If the person you are giving the gift to is just getting started on a new fitness program, we can help design a routine that incorporates your new gift and provides safe, healthy workouts for the months ahead.

If you are considering a new fitness routine or equipment, consider contacting us at Western Berks Physical Therapy to ensure safe use and direction with your new fitness equipment.

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