Sneaking Exercise Into Your Schedule

By Western Berks on February 2nd, 2016

Sneaking Exercise Into Your Schedule - Western Berks Physical Therapy

Are you frazzled? Stressed? Do not think there are enough hours in the day to get everything done? Then when you hear that the Department of Health and Human Services has established physical activity guidelines that call for getting a minimum of 2½ hours of moderate exercise every week, your first thought may be, “No way. I don’t have the time.” But think again: If you are constantly on the go, have an irregular schedule and have not been exercising, you are the perfect candidate to become an “exercise sneak.”

The “golden rule” of sneaking exercise is that some exercise is always better than none. So, perhaps you cannot devote 1½ hours to go to the gym, but you can take a 15-minute walk at lunch, take the stairs instead of the elevator to your next sales meeting or play catch with your kids before dinner. Every little bit helps, especially if you can exercise for 10 minutes or longer doing something that gets your heart beating faster and makes you slightly out of breath.

Here are some other ways to sneak exercise into your overloaded days:

  • Walk with the kids to school. 
  • Meet a friend for a walk rather than for coffee.
  • Clean one room every day at a fast pace; play upbeat music to get you moving while you clean
  • Do stretches while watching television
  • Wear a pedometer and challenge yourself to walk a few more steps every day
  • Walk the dog. He / she will love you for it

Western Berks Physical Therapy, a leading provider of  Physical Therapy in Reading PA area,  can show you how to get the most out of short bursts of exercise. Let us show you strength training exercises you can do using free weights or rubber bands while you watch your favorite television show. You will find that exercise sneaking reduces stress and can leave you feeling less frazzled and less tired at the end of the day.