A Wellness Plan for Your Robesonia Employees is Only as Effective as it is Engaging

By Western Berks on September 28th, 2015

A wellness plan for your Robesonia employees is only as effective as it is engaging. That is, it is bound to be a failure at least at some level if you cannot gather interest enough for people to participate. The first step to a successful wellness program is to get people to participate. From there, you need to keep them engaged, this is when you begin to foster a healthier workplace atmosphere.

Create Goals- Your not going to have everybody lose 25 pounds over the course of a few months, so create reasonable goals. If you have everybody start off by walking at least 5 minutes per day, they will soon feel more confident to do more. That is when changes begin to occur.

Get Management to Back You– A wellness program that has the support of upper management will be more effective overall. Remember, a company’s culture is driven by those on top. If management is excited about the wellness program, employees will be excited as well.

A Supportive Culture– Getting people to lead more healthy lifestyles means they need support at all levels. This means you should do away with donut Friday and do fruit Friday instead. You may also want to consider swapping out the soda and candy vending machines in the break room with healthier alternatives.

Proper Incentives– We are going to be a bit blunt here, bribery works. Creating prizes and awards for those who commit to the wellness plan is a great way to get more people involved. Prizes can be as simple as a token gift or paid time off.

Remember that the goal of a wellness program is more than health, it is also a great way to foster teamwork.