Fighting Childhood Obesity

By Western Berks on August 5th, 2015

It is not news that obesity has been at a high the past few years. With our society always seeking the quickest and easiest way to a solution it is with little surprise that companies like Xbox and McDonalds have our youth targeted.

As many of us know, what you do to your body while you’re younger can greatly impact your health when you’re older. This is true with injuries, habits, diet and exercise. Running around outside and riding your bike to the park has made a seamless transition to playing countless hours of video games. This lack of enthusiasm and knowledge that children have for nutrition and exercise can lead to bigger problems, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, just to name a few.

At Western Berks Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of wellness programs, one of them being a kid fit wellness program. Getting your child ground in a healthy diet, physical activity and educated in healthy habits creates a better foundation and chance of them developing and growing into a healthy adult lifestyle.

Our kid fit wellness program includes 8 one-hour sessions over the course of a month. Each session is broken down into 15 minutes of nutrition lessons, and 45 minutes of activity. The kid fit program teaches these lifelong lessons in a way that is fun and will stick with children.

Register for our Kid Fit wellness program and get your chil started on the right path today, they’ll thank you for it later.