A Physical Therapy Clinic With A Focus On Maintaining The Quality Of Your Life

Our experienced staff strives to help you regain functional skills and movement that you had prior to your condition or injury, at a pace that fits your needs – throughout the recovery process. A licensed physical therapist will work closely with you, towards a positive direction with thorough communication and education – leading you to a stronger body, a healthy mind, and a renewed spirit. Whether you have had a knee replacement and are looking for a rehab facility or if you suffer from a different condition, the team at Western Berks Physical Therapy and Wellness Center can help.

For individualized physical therapy services that are tailored to your needs, choose Western Berks Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. Serving patients in the Berks and Lebanon County regions, including Robesonia and Reading, PA since 1992. We offer you comprehensive physical therapy supported with a range of additional treatments and services.

Benefits of Physical Therapy at Western Berks

  • Confidential, Private Treatment Rooms
  • Goals Tailored to Your Needs
  • Same Day Appointments Available
  • Evening Appointments Available
  • Flexible Treatment Times
  • Accepting Most Health Care Plans
  • Bi-lingual staff
  • Convenient, Close by Parking

ORTHOPEDIC PHYSICAL THERAPY – The staff of Western Berks Physical Therapy has an experienced staff of therapists treating a wide range of orthopedic problems ranging from post-surgical care to back and neck pain.

PELVIC FLOOR/INCONTINENCE – From incontinence (urinary and fecal) to pelvic pain, we treat a variety of conditions in both males and females of all ages, including children.

GERIATRIC CARE – Our caring staff provides selected interventions for those disorders targeting seniors, including osteoporosis, arthritic conditions, and neurologic dysfunction.

VESTIBULAR/BALANCE PROGRAMS – If you suffer from vertigo, vestibular dysfunction, or frequent loss of balance or falls, our clinicians can design a program to reduce symptoms and restore full function.

LYME DISEASE – The clinical manifestation of Lyme Disease can be a complex array of symptoms making diagnosis and treatment difficult. Physical therapy has been utilized with increased frequency to treat the musculoskeletal components of this disorder with good success. Our physical therapists are ideally suited to provide a customized treatment approach and individualized care to match the spectrum of complaints and impairments related to Lyme infection.

BELL’S PALSY – Bells Palsy is the rapid onset of facial weakness without trauma. Symptoms may include lack of muscular control of the eye, nose, and mouth. In addition, patients may experience pain and hypersensitivity of the face and scalp. Physical therapy interventions focus on symptom management as well as facilitating muscle re-education of impaired movements to restore facial appearance quickly.

TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder is the symptomatic impairment of the joint that connects the jaw bone to the skull. The cause of this disorder is typically multi-factorial but often combines muscle imbalances with poor posture and improper eating habits. Symptoms frequently include jaw popping or clicking, painful jaw opening/closing and eating, and mal-occlusion or teeth grinding. Associated symptoms may include headaches, ear ringing, or jaw fatigue. Physical therapy can address the origins of TMJ problems through the use of manual techniques to relax muscle tension, re-educate proper posture, and restore normal hinging mechanics to the jaw. Short term use of therapeutic modalities can lessen symptoms to speed recovery.

NUTRITION CONSULTING – As a complement to our rehabilitative services and metabolic programs, on site nutritional counseling is also available.

COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS – In addition to clinical treatment, Western Berks Physical Therapy provides workshops and seminars to organizations, clubs and small groups on a range of topics.